Saturday, October 19, 2013

Labels and LGBT et al

(Taken from a journal I wrote on August 3, 2006)

As much as I love my gay friends and my straight friends, I've always wondered why we need to label ourselves based on our sexual preferences.  Why can't we just be called "people" or "individuals" without having to identify who we happen to be sleeping with or who happens to get our hoochies all wet?  Maybe we should label ourselves "right handed" or "left handed" instead.  My point is when I love I love the person, regardless whether it's a man or a woman.  It's the chemistry, the personality, the look, the eyes, the smile, the voice that turns me on and sometimes it just happens to be a woman and sometimes it just happens to be a man.

I don't consider myself bi or lesbian, or straight, I'm just me trying to find pleasure and happiness in a society that loves to put labels on things.  Whether a person has a penis or a vagina isn't what turns me on, it's all the other parts of the person that can sexually and emotionally excite me.  Sure, looks are important, but there are gorgeous men and beautiful women, and I look to see what more there is. 

Maybe this makes me weird or maybe I'm just having trouble putting my own label on myself (shut the fuck up don't like labels.)  Or maybe I'm just confused about my own sexuality, but really who cares.  If I'm happy and my partner at the time is happy then who cares anyways.  I love sex but who I have sex with isn't based on any label or gender but on who the person is as a person.

Make sense?  Maybe not, but oh well maybe my thoughts will change over the years...I sure hope not.

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  1. Totally agree. Reminds me of a statement by Ellen DeGeneres, "Do people really have to judge people on whether they're gay or straight? Can't we just judge them on the type of car they drive?"